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The Love Boat will never make another run.

Yes, the real star of the beloved (yes, beloved) Saturday night series is being stripped for scrap metal in a Turkish shipyard as I write this.

How in the name of Captain Stubing is this allowed to happen?

I realize keeping a 19,000 ton cruise ship is a fairly large undertaking - it’s not like displaying Dorothy’s ruby slippers in a museum.

But still.

If Jeff Bezos can fork over $250 million for a rusty newspaper, why can’t some rich 70s-era TV buff buy an aging boat and make it some sort of tourist attraction?

I know not everyone could be as sad about the demise of the Love Boat as I am. Maybe it’s personal. We are the same age.

But I’m a little heartbroken because Saturday nights in front of the TV were a childhood staple. The babysitters may have changed from ’77 to ’86, but the channel didn’t.

It was always “The Love Boat” - those guest stars! Julie McCoy! The Lido deck! Puerto Vallarta! Charo! - followed by about 10 minutes of “Fantasy Island” before I got good and freaked out and went to bed. And I just found out, researching some clips, that the series was based on a 1976 movie. Recasting was definitely in order. Who are these clowns?

Thank God they found Gavin MacLoud, Lauren Tewes, Fred Grandy and....CHARO! (The Love Boat started my lifelong love of Charo and her ability to be famous for no apparent reason. Yes, now I know she was an accomplished musician, but then?

She was just this:

And where else could you get THIS kind of musical theater line up on prime time television?

And what other show featured both Lana Turner and Menudo in the same episode.


Bon Voyage, Love Boat. You truly did have something for everyone.