Author Barry Scott

  • Barry Scott

    Host of the Lost 45s

    Barry’s radio career started at age 5 in his bedroom, announcing records, news and weather. His middle school music teacher encouraged him to attempt a broadcasting career. The Lost 45s with Barry Scott began at Emerson College in 1981. After graduation, the show was picked up by a commercial station and has received #1 ratings since. The program has been in national syndication since 1993.

    The Lost 45s with Barry Scott is America's largest classic hits music and interview library featuring charted records that no longer get much airplay on the radio. Scott’s desire is to keep alive the hits from the '60s, '70s and '80s in an era of tight playlists. The show also features a rapidly growing number of rarities: demos, alternate versions and hard-to-find gems, many provided by the artists themselves.

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