Harvard Pilgrim puts a big emphasis on teamwork and partnership. They listen to you – and work closely with you – to help you get healthy and stay that way.

That’s why Harvard Pilgrim and 105.7 WROR are recognizing and rewarding teamwork and the teams of people who are making a difference in your life.

So who are the team players in your life? They could be a team of nurses at your local hospital, your child’s team of teachers or coaches, a team of walkers raising money for a local charity walk, even the crew at your local coffee shop who get you started each morning with a smile and a cup of coffee.

Nominate your team players today we will be recognizing teams weekly on air and rewarding them with a free lunch for their collaboration.  Click here for Official Rules. 

Amazing things happen when people work together. Harvard Pilgrim. Count Us In.


Team Players of the Week

Congratulations to Patricia Sacco who nominated their Team Players: James Sacco, Benjamin Sacco, Nina Sacco

"I am a busy working Mom of 3 and I have the 3 greatest kids in the world.  They are my team players, they cook, they do laundry, they garden with me and they are great students.  They can make a complete meal.  The boys are super handy, something they tech-impaired mother needs.  I am a lucky Mom."


Congratulations to Ian Beganski who nominated their Team Players: Evanne Gorden, Dawn Crane, Ryan Roupp, Laura Smith, Deborah Chamberlain, Ben Beniot

"In my high school life I have developed into a well rounded person.  I could have never been able to do this without my teachers.  They are always there and I can have a meaningful conversation with them.  If I never had their encouragement I would never have been this happy in my life.  They all push me to my limits in gym class, cross country, and in academics.  I have a greater respect for them in the passion they have in their work.  I am only one example.  If I asked any other student they would agree that some way or another they have been changed by them."


Congratulations to Denise Porcello who nominated their Team Players: Anthony Fiore, Kim Guay, Nancy Pecjo, Dave Houghlin

"This team of swim coaches volunteer their time to the Woburn Boys and Girls Club daily, making sure each child feels special and gets the attention they need. They have fostered a welcome atmosphere and encourage team spirit among all of the children. Their dedication to the team and the sport of swimming is commendable."



Congratulations to Mark Billings who nominated thier Team Players: UMASS Hospice, Linda Belose and Sharon.

"They just went the extra mile to do all they could to inform us and take excellent care of our daughter Stephanie. "


Congratulations to Alison Vance who nominated their Team Players: Sean Vance, Steve Swinhart, Jennifer Swinhart, Steven Swinhart, Sean MacLeod

"We did our very first Rock for the Walk in Plymouth on Sunday Sept. 30th to raise awareness and funds for the Oral Cancer Foundation in support of my father, Steve, who is currently in remission of Laryngeal Cancer (cancer on his vocal cords). We put this team together at the last minute and tried our best to raise $500 in a few short weeks. We ended up raising almost $1000 and we are still getting donations as we speak. Our biggest goal is to try to wipe away the stigma that all Oral cancer is caused by excessive smoking or drinking. My father has never had a cigarette in his life and has a beer about twice a month when we are out at a restaurant. We are trying to spread this message!"


Congratulations to Tom Shea who nominated their Team Players: His daughters, Rachel and Kelsey

"My daughters, Rachel and Kelsey have type 1 diabetes.  Kelsey, who is 15, was diagnosed 14 years ago and Rachel, 18 years old, was diagnosed 8 years ago.  My girls and wife Lyn have organized a walk team called Sister Act and walk annually in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for a Cure.  This will be the 13th year.  In addition, my girls have appeared in TV ads and have testified before the State Legislature in support of bills to provide an easier environment for research.  My girls are an inspiration daily in how they conduct their lives with such a horrible disease.  They remain upbeat and positive and work tirelessly for a cure of autoimmune diseases.  I can't think of a more deserving team for recognition.  Thank you!"